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Client Testimonials


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Kim M

Kawkawlin, MI

This is something I never thought I would do in a million years, but I wanted to get my husband something extra special for our anniversary, and I knew a boudoir shoot would be the perfect gift. As my session approached I began to get pretty anxious, but the minute I walked into Katie’s studio I was at ease. She and her team are approachable, fun and make you feel so very comfortable. I had the time of my life during my session and was actually bummed out when it was done! A ...few days later I received a message from Katie stating that my gallery was finished and ready for viewing…holy cow, that’s when the real nerves set in! I was excited to see my photos but yet so afraid that they weren’t going to meet the expectations I had created in my head. What if my facial expressions looked weird? What if my outfit choices weren’t a good fit for my body shape? What if my photos showed that I was “trying too hard” to look sexy? As Katie started the slide show of my gallery, my eyes began to fill with happy tears – words cannot express how incredible my pictures turned out and the expectations I had created in my head had been blown out of the water. This experience has been worth every penny, and I am so thankful that I worked through my fears and insecurities and went for it! Thank you, Katie and team:)

Stacey B.

Birch Run, MI

I had an absolutely AMAZING experience at my photo session! It was something I'd never done before and was way out of my comfort zone. But, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! I loved getting my hair & makeup done. And Katie is a fantastic photographer and coach - knows exactly what to do & how to make you look your absolute best! I was floored at how awesome all my pictures were & they'll continue to amaze me every time I look at them! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Amie N.

Midland, MI

This was the most amazing experience I have had in a long time. It was very much out of my comfort zone, but she made it so easy and natural. All of my pictures were extremely classy and tasteful. I loved them and my husband loved them even more. I would recommend her to anyone!! Thanks again for making me feel beautiful again!!

Stephanie V.

Auburn, MI

Absolutely loved everything about Lady Fine Boudoir Photography. I was nervous and skeptical about doing this. I wanted to do something fun for my significant other for a surprise. I felt absolutely comfortable and relaxed from the minute I walked in the door. These ladies are absolutely amazing at the work they do. I never felt so pretty and could not believe how great my pictures turned out. I highly recommend any woman of any body size to do this once in their lifetime and definitely go to these professional ladies.

Megan S.

Novi, MI

I was so nervous when I stepped in the door, I didn't know what to expect or anything! Both Kelly and Katie made me feel so comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful!!! They cared about what I wanted and listened to my ideas. The pictures turned out amazing and I would recommend Katie and Kelly to anyone who wanted to do a photo shoot like this!!! Amazing!!!!

Brianna H.

Saginaw, MI

I had a great experience from the very beginning, I was hesitant on getting a boudoir shoot as I am in very insecure with my body and didn't think I would look good, but Katie was great! I felt uncomfortable at first (as any insecure women would) but after a couple minutes I wasn't even thinking about it! Katie made me feel comfortable, beautiful and confident and she helps you every step of the way with posing; it was overall a comfortable and professional setting. I am not a person that wears make-up and I tell you right now I LOVED my make-up! My pictures turned out AMAZING! I loved all of them! I would recommend Katie to anyone looking to feel confident and beautiful!

Amanda V.

Sterling, MI

[Testimonial from my client's eyes of 3 years] Includes a before and after photo.

I have done three sessions with Katie (Lady Fine Boudoir) the first and second were suppose to be gifts for my boyfriend, little did I know what a huge gift to myself it would be. Ive always had confidence issues. I've never considered myself beautiful or sexy, I was lucky if I looked in the mirror and felt cute. I think we all struggle in one way or another with body image, we all have something that makes us self conscious. My first session I was extremely nervous, I went for a more reserved approach, I was so happy when I reviewed my photo gallery. I couldn't believe it was me. I gained a little piece of confidence from those photos because even though I had professional makeup and hair I still felt like they looked like me. I know some people who have gotten photos done and they were so edited that it didn't even look like the person and that scared me. I wanted them to still look like me but a different side of me. Katie helped me nail that goal. So when I decided to do my second session I felt a little more empowered. Katie has a way of giving you that gift with her talent and personality. I was more relaxed and courageous. That second session reveal blew me away! I was almost in tears because I was so happy. Throughout the whole shoot Katie was encouraging and supportive. I was so in love with those photos and the service I scheduled another shoot. This third shoot was a gift for myself. This shoot was about me and pushing myself to feel confident, bold, brave, beautiful, classy and sexy. Katie worked with me and walked me through each pose, and idea I had. She was honest and supportive. She totally clicked with what I was going for and what I wanted, giving me the confidence I so needed. These Boudoir shoots were amazing from start to finish. Being pampered with hair and makeup (which was done fantastically) the company of Katie and Kelly, and the actual shoot itself. The atmosphere Katie creates is amazing. And the photos are beyond beautiful. If you are looking for a special gift for someone you can't go wrong, and who knows maybe you will get lucky like me and it will turn into a special gift for yourself too.












Kyleigh N.

Grand Blanc, MI

Originally I scheduled my boudoir shoot for my wedding. However, I ended up calling things off and ending it all a few weeks before my shoot. I was considering cancelling because I wasn't comfortable with my body and had nobody these photos would be for but finally decided I needed to do this for me. I'm not a skinny girl so I was very nervous things would be a train wreck and the pictures would be terrible.
I have never been more surprised in my life!! The pictures turned out amazing and gave me the boost in confidence I needed coming out of the situation I was in. I'm so in love with them and I'm sure I'll be doing this again. Katie was amazing the entire time; so easy going and she gave awesome direction. If you're looking for an amazing photographer she's the one. I drove 2 hours to her and it was worth every mile. And to any curvy girls out there thinking you can't do this- you definitely can. You can do it for you

Lori S.

Pinconning , MI

The most amazing gift for the special someone in your life and for yourself! Kelly and Katie put you at ease with beautiful makeup, down to earth conversation, and totally professional photography. I loved my photos, and so did my husband. This experience was definitely a self-esteem booster. Thanks for reminding me that I am sultry and beautiful!! Would highly recommend


Nicole A.

Caro, MI

Simply amazing....the makeup artist did AMAZING on my makeup... I didn't wanna take it off. & as for Katie, where to even begin? As a plus size girl who doesn't go outside of her comfort zone often she made me feel amazing, beautiful and like a model. After getting in and settled I wasn't nervous anymore. Definitely worth the price to go to her. I couldnt ask for more beautiful pictures to give my fiancee on our wedding day. Her editing, posing and picture taking skills are ridiculously perfect!!!


Kayla P.

Bay City, MI

Katie does wonderful work. The pictures were beautiful and I felt so comfortable in the studio. The makeup was perfect and spot on-Looked natural with just the right touch of glamour. My husband loved his gift! It was something I never thought I would do but am so happy I did and am grateful for the experience! Thank you girls!


Shania P.

Mt Pleasant, MI

I absolutely loved working with Katie, she made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and in her studio! I highly recommend Lady Fine Boudoir Photography if you're looking to get some boudoir photos done, you won't be disappointed!!


Jodi M.

Brigde Port, MI

My photos are everything that I expected. Thank you to you and your makeup artist for making my experience a positive one


Karen W.

Owasso, MI

Katie did an amazing job with my pictures. She made me feel very comfortable and took her time taking them. I felt relaxed and had a great time! She guided me through the whole process, making it easy for me. I also enjoyed having my hair and make up done:) I never once felt rushed during my session, I had fun being pampered for the day! After the shoot, Katie kept in touch with me all the way till I received my edited photos. She was great to work with and I defiantly would recommend her to my friends!



Jenn R.

Midland, MI

Hair make up & photo shoot were beyond amazing! Thanks ladies!!!!


Jessica F.

Midland, MI

Absolutely fabulous!!! Made me feel comfortable from start to finish!! They do an excellent job!! I was comfortable throughout the entire process. This is something I will definitely be doing again!!! I felt so sexy. I can't wait to surprise my husband on our anniversary. I would recommend Lady Fine Boudoir to any and everyone!!


Brooke B.

Bay City, MI

Our Wedding day was coming up and I wanted to do something a little different, but I really wanted to give him something special, something sexy. I am blessed to have worked with Katie during our couple photo shoot so I knew she is creative, fun, and outgoing during the photo shoots.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was blown away. She really has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident with her professionalism and experience. This photo shoot was so much fun and it really made me appreciate being a woman with a renewed sexy, that I know will stay with me for a long time.

The pictures were way beyond my expectations they are glamorous, playful and sexy. My husband was delighted. He loves that he will have this little private book of me that he can look at whenever he wants, which is exactly the gift I wanted for him.

Katie, I can’t thank you enough, you are incredible at what you do, it is an experience I will never forget.






Sam V.

Sanford, MI

When I thought about the idea of boudoir photography I was hesitant at first. There are times when I don't feel comfortable with my body but going through the photos I thought why not. The experience of getting my make up done and getting ready for the shoot was so fun as was the shot. It was an amazing experience made me feel like a model and a good looking one at that. I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the step to do this! I loved the complements I've gotten from the shoot. Not to mention my boyfriend loves the photos too!
And thank you Katie for making this opportunity so much fun!




Ktysti S.

Midland, MI

Shooting with lady fine was such a great experience! I felt comfortable at all times and gave me a feeling which everyone should have. True beauty. This was captured within the photography. The pictures turned out the way I see myself as beautiful. Guidance and tips were available throughout the whole shoot which gave me more confidence during the session. Thank you so much lady fine!




Heather C.

Bay City, MI

Since having the photos done, my self confidence/inner sexy has been totally renewed to say the least. The whole experience was incredible! The location and atmosphere of the shoot I found to be both sensual and exciting. Katie's knowledge and skill with photography is made evident through the quality of her work, her professionalism, and her own personality. I can tell she is very passionate about her art and takes her work very seriously. There were so many beautiful photos to choose from, it took me some time to decide which ones I wanted to showcase and Katie was more than patient with me while I made my selections. I am absolutely satisfied with Lady Fine Boudoir and would strongly recommend her to any woman who wants to give her lover- or even herself a very special gift they will cherish forever. Thanks for making me feel so glamorous and sexy! I will never forget this experience and I'm sure my husband won't either. ~Heather


Johnny M.

Rosebush, MI

When I first thought about doing a boudoir photo shoot, I was completely terrified. My fiance and best friend convinced me to do the shoot. Once I got there and started talking with Katie, I realized how down to earth she was and felt very comfortable. Once we started taking the photos, I started seeing myself in a different light than I have before. I forgot about all of my self con...fidence issues and saw how beautiful I really am. I love the photos I got! My fiance and the few close friends that have seen them love them as well! I'd recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot to anyone! It's a great way to boost your confidence and self esteem. Katie is a great photographer, very professional, down to earth, and I had a great time at my photo shoot!





Caro, MI

My boudoir photoshoot experience: To start out, I want to share that for a lot of years I have been insecure, and have dealt with some severe self-esteem issues. My fiance who I am with now is the first guy that has shown me what true beauty is. He makes me feel beautiful, although I still struggle. He is very patient. I was very lucky to get the opportunity to do my boudair photoshoot with LadyFine, and excited to present it as a gift to my future husband on our wedding day. Of course, I was extremly nervous, and I fretted over my flaws and how I would look. I was so suprised and relieved to find out how much of a relaxed atmosphere it was, and that the shoot made me feel probably the most sexy I have felt in my life. I loved that there was no need to worry about how I looked, and Katie did a fantastic job at reassuring me the entire time that I was, indeed, sexy. The studio was beautiful, there was popular music playing that kept you from focusing too hard, because you need to let loose and trust the photographer. Katie was very profesional and I never felt like she put me in a pose or position that made me look bad. All the photos were flattering, sensual, and classy. I fell in love with myself and my body for what seemed like the first time in ages. I actually cried when I saw the very first finished picture because I saw myself in a different way that I never have thought I was capable of. I am so greatful for the experience, and the fact that Katie had helped me to start bringing back the self-confidence I haven't ever truly had. It took this photoshoot to show me what I had, and I could work it and be proud! I know saying that it was life-changing" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I stand behind that phrase, because it truly was. Some people are very lucky to go through their life and feel comfortable in their skin, and now I can say I feel that way! It is still a process, for me. My confidence is a challenge every day, but it is getting better. I would reccomend getting a boudoir photoshoot to all the women in my life. Do it for fun, do it as a gift, but most importantly do it for YOURSELF. Thank you to Katie and LadyFine for everything. xoxo




Bekki D.

Midland, MI

Attention ladies: If you are looking for a Boudoir photographer I HIGHLY recommend Katie Murphy of Lady Fine Boudoir Photography!! After shooting with her I regained confidence. She made me feel completely comfortable during the shoot. She took amazing photos. Even if you are self-conscious, don't let discouraging thoughts hold you back. You CAN look and feel that gorgeous and confident too!












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