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About Me


I’m Katie.

Owner and Principal Photographer of Lady Fine Boudoir.


Honestly I'm staring at my screen thinking.... about myself? Funny how that subject throws us so fast. I guess that's why we're here right? To take that moment.

In my younger years I did various modeling jobs in the state of Michigan. It was nerve racking yet freeing and something I truly came to enjoy. Looking back I'm grateful to have the memories and the  amount of knowledge it gave me, little did I know then how much it would come into play in my future and ultimate love of Boudoir Photography. Through my years I picked up tips and tricks for posing all body types, this makes it possible for me to smoothly guide you through your first boudoir session looking as beautiful as you hoped!

While many photographers offer multiple niche-sessions, I find that specializing in boudoir, makes my client experience extraordinary. I know that being good at many things, is rewarding, but excellence is what I’m offering you!

I’m a new mom,  
I know the value of taking some time out to pamper and invest in yourself, even if you're making a gift for your significant other you will find it's also for you!

This is what I love to do! To bring out and capture the unique beauty of each lady I have the pleasure of working with! Doesn't matter if you're shy, nervous or feeling unattractive, it all floats away here! 

From pin-up, to “natural boudoir,” I love it all… I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of amazing women!

Join my professional hair and makeup team, and allow yourself to experience the pampering and gratification of your own boudoir session!


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