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Common Questions

What do I specialize in?

I specialize in women's portraiture of all shapes and sizes.



I don't want my boss or family to see my pictures; will they be posted online or elsewhere?

No! I take privacy very seriously. You will be required to sign a privacy agreement/release at the time our session. The women on my site have given consent for public viewing of certain photos.


Do I Have to be nude?

No, some women do implied nude (covering breast with fabric or hands) things like that.

I do not shoot any full nudes. As you can see my work ranges, some women want to push the sexy more then others. Before our session I look at examples you have saved from online and speak with you. I can easily get a feel for the woman and her style. Above all SEXY/CLASSY is the goal. 


I'm Nervous, is that normal?

Yess!!! lol... everyone is nervous, its not something you do everyday. But by the time your makeup is done and get comfy your nerves will settle. Every woman says "it was easy and fun!"


I want to do a session, but I don't look like the women on your site.

First things first, I don't shoot models. I shoot real women (just like you). They didn't look like that either walking in but after our makeup artist and the photo retouching you will look like you on your best day. I've shot women in their 50's, Doctors, stay at home moms, Teachers, Nurses, Massage Therapists and more . All of which are real women with insecurities just like

you and I.

When should I  book my session to have product back by a certain date?

Book at least a month to a month and a half before you need your product. You may of course book earlier if you like. RUSH ORDERING IS AVAILABLE IF THIS IS LAST MINUTE FOR YOU. IT JUST DEPENDS ON MY WORK LOAD SO PLEASE CONTACT ME IF NEEDED.

What am I investing in?

First and foremost, timeless beautiful photos of yourself! Get that confidence boost! This is something every women should indulge in at least once! Keep them for yourself or gift them to your man, remind him of the shiny gem he has!

Session price covers my shoot time and guidance, studio use, our makeup and hair stylist depending on what package you select. It covers the time put into your fully retouched gallery for you to order from as well as my professional shooting and posing skills through out session. 


Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist

Here at Lady Fine we staff Hair and Makeup Artists. Depending on what package you choose you may take advantage of this service. We also supply and apply fake eye lashes If wanted. You are welcome to bring in photo examples of hair and makeup looks you like or you may verbally go over it with our artist. This is about you and achieving the look you want! If you have any special makeup you would like her to use you are welcome to bring it.


What kind of photo Editing do you do?

Each chosen picture will under go:  skin smoothing, removal of imperfections, enhanced/diminished curves. Your photo will look like you on your best day! Things such as stretch marks, acne, scars, tattoos, veins and even braces can be removed upon request.

How do i pick my photos? / How long is the process?

 You will return for an in person reveal of your retouched photos, at this time you will place your product order. Rush orders are available if this is a last minute thing. Please contact me so I may check my schedule to be sure rush is available in your time frame. Time frames may vary in the holiday season. Turn around time on retouching photos varies on our work load but you may inquire when booking a session.


What should I wear?

This really depends on what you are comfortable with. Some prefer something sexy while others are more conservative. Here are a few ideas. Classic lingerie, oversized men's dress shirt, Negligees and nighties, Bustier or push up bra, matching Bra and panties, corsets, Women's boxer shorts, Sexy heels and or Boots are a must, Yours mans flannel, sports jersey, guarder belts, knees highs, thigh highs, men's tie, wedding veil. We carry some props, your always welcome to bring your own. Please limit busy patterns and neon colors.

For Glamour some examples are Dresses, Fashion Tops, or maybe a fur shawl or coat. Pin up sessions should bring clothing specific to pin up.


How long does hair and make up take?

Make up normally takes about an hour. hair can depend on length and style so it can vary from 30 minutes to an hour in most cases.


Do you do boudoir parties and or bridal parties?

I no longer do groups. I will shoot up to two ladies in one day. I like to ensure each lady gets the full attention during hair and makeup as well as her session. 



Where do we shoot?

We shoot in my private home studio in downtown Midland, MI.



Some tanning is ok but I don't recommend spray tan at all, colors are bad for lighting tanning is not needed for shoots with my retouching methods. Should you have strong tan lines I cannot guarantee they can be completely removed. Extra charge may discussed and charged depending.




About Product Orders

All products are priced separately from session cost, you don't pay for product until your reveal. We offer multiple products that you may see here at your session. (e.g. album, prints, wall art, diamond box, boudoir app, or full rights) you can also see photos of products on the product order page. Product order is placed at reveal and no later then 72 hours after reveal. If order is not placed in this time frame photos will be deleted due to storage space. 



How long will it take to receive my product?

Products can take anywhere from 5 days to two weeks from reveal day depending on your product selection. 



Do you offer payment plans?

You will be required to sign a payment a contract. Products are delivered once paid in full. Yes, I offer payment plans on product orders over a certain amount, but not on the session it's self. Sessions are to be paid in full the day of your appointment.. In the event you opt for a payment plan.


There is a $600 minimum product order. Product order is placed at reveal and paid at that time. Id its not paid for with in 24 hours of reveal your will be void and minimum amount is still due.  If order is not placed in this time frame photos will be deleted due to storage space.  


If a client needs to reschedule the first time is free, if  the appointment cannot be made on the second time it will not be re-set and the retainer is forfeited . If you have to reschedule less then 7 days prior to session there is a $75 fee, same day cancellation is a $100 fee. Re Setting a new date MUST take place with in 7 days of original session or you forfeit your retainer. The session itself can take place further out then the 7 days , it just has to be in the books by the 7th day. No shows forfeit deposit. No males are aloud to come to sessions as an escort or otherwise. Client must respond to us confirming their session in the days prior to the session date. If we don't hear back from on for confirmation we will need to cancel the session as we have hair and makeup staff that come and we to stay reliable for their schedule. In this event there is no refund for session as we will still have to pay hair and makeup artist. These policies are set to keep lady fine a viable business and to ensure good work flow for all. 



I'm happy to answer addition questions!






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