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 A must read client review!

-Tina G 


"I have always been a curvy woman and recently lost some weight and turned 40 so I thought why not, what do I have to lose. I have always admired Katie's work and thought I never looked good enough to be one of the ladies in her beautiful pictures but I could not have been more WRONG! She was so professional and shot me in the most amazing, and flattering poses! I can't even express the feelings I felt after I left my session...I was on a high and truly felt like a badass! And felt the same after my reveal appointment, seeing my pictures for the first time. This was truly more than a monetary investment, it was an investment in ME! My mood changer, my confidence booster, and a reminder that I can look back on every day with the pictures how beautiful I really am. All women need that reminder at times and the experience and pictures guarantees that for me!"

How Our Boudoir Sessions Work

The day of your session you show up butterflies and all :) to an all female environment, we will welcome you in and chat a bit about your makeup wants then start pampering you with our professional makeup artist and hair stylist. By the end of your beauty treatment nerves are normally pretty settled.


I will then go over your outfits with you, plan out what we will be starting in as well as checking out the poses you saved to help me get an idea of the style you like. You can let me know any special requests, show me any props (if any) then we go over you editing requests for when I naturally retouch your photos. Natural, classy, sexy and artful is what I aim for as a mix in your final gallery.

Once we start shooting I guide and pose you the entire time. It's surprisingly easy! Whether you're 25 or 65. When the shoot is over, ladies always comment on what an enjoyable time they've had!


 About 7 days later you return for an in person photo reveal of your gorgeous photos! You may then pick out what photos you want and in form product you'd like them in such as an album, prints, flash-drive or wall art.

Photos are priced separately from session, they are purchased at your reveal after you see your finished photos.

For my out of state clients and clients that live 2 or more hours away have the option of an online reveal.

 It's a once in a lifetime experience and investment that will last forever! 

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