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Welcome to Lady Fine Boudoir,

Michigan's most elegant boudoir photography experience!

Be pampered, look & feel your most beautiful while we guide you through every step your own private session in making your timeless art!

Please make yourself at home

-xoxo  Katie










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Kim M.

This is something I never thought I would do in a million years, but I wanted to get my husband something extra special for our anniversary, and I knew a boudoir shoot would be the perfect gift. As my session approached I began to get pretty anxious, but the minute I walked into Katie’s studio I was at ease. She and her team are approachable, fun and make you feel so very comfortable. I had the time of my life during my session and was actually bummed out when it was done! A few days later I received a message from Katie stating that my gallery was finished and ready for viewing…holy cow, that’s when the real nerves set in! I was excited to see my photos but yet so afraid that they weren’t going to meet the expectations I had created in my head. What if my facial expressions looked weird? What if my outfit choices weren’t a good fit for my body shape? What if my photos showed that I was “trying too hard” to look sexy? As Katie started the slide show of my gallery, my eyes began to fill with happy tears – words cannot express how incredible my pictures turned out and the expectations I had created in my head had been blown out of the water. This experience has been worth every penny, and I am so thankful that I worked through my fears and insecurities and went for it! Thank you, Katie and team:)


Megan J.

Every woman needs to step out of her comfort zone and book a session with Katie. She’s beyond talented and made me feel so comfortable. Her eye for shots is beyond me and I will cherish my photos forever. To me, they are not just photos but so much more. I’ve always dealt with confidence issues my whole life and after my session, even before seeing the final products my confidence level has risen and I actually feel happy with the body I’ve been blessed with. This experience is something you can’t really explain but it’s so much more than just photos ... if you’re thinking of it but on the fence... jump and book your session. I’m so happy I finally did.


Haley N.

Omg! Katie and Amanda are amazing! So to back track, I found a post about Lady Fine and thought that I should do it. That next day I made the appointment! Walking in I was nervous and a little bummed because I forgot a couple props at home of my boyfriends, but Katie and Amanda told me that it is nothing to worry about and he would love the photos anyway! So, I hopped into the Makeup chair and Amanda went to work! Showed her the picture I wanted, and she did it perfectly! We chatted the whole time which definitely eased my nerves. Then she did my hair and the end product was BEAUTIFUL! I cannot thank her enough for making me look like that. Then it was time for the photo shoot, and by this point I was confident of. I laid down on the bed and Katie told me what would be going on in the photo shoot. I had an absolute blast! I felt sexy, bold, and classy doing the shoot. We got creative and enjoyed the whole thing. I went in for the reveal about a week later and was absolutely astonished with the final look. The me I saw in those pictures was the me I wish I was everyday. The more I looked at the photos the more I became that confident girl. I recommend Katie to anyone who is feeling a little down and wants to break out of their shell a little and be confident. Katie brings out the best in you and helps showcase what you love the most about yourself!!!

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